17-27 September
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The winners of the 16 th baikal international festival “People and Environment” have been announced

The winners of the 16th Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films n.a. V.Rasputin  «People and Environment» have been announced 

Grand Prix of the Festival

A Fragile World  (director Ants Tammik, Estonia, 2016, 38 min.)

Best documentary film

Sea Tomorrow  (director Katerina Suvorova, Germany — Kazakhstan, 2016, 88 min.)

Best popular science film

Lake Vostok. The Mountain of Madness  (director Ekaterina Yeremenko, Russia, 2017, 90 min.)

Best full-dome film

Baikal. Winter spirit  (directors Michael Owen, Grigory Molodtsov, USA — Russia, 2017, 7 min.)

Baikal prize in memory of V.Rasputin

Born to be free  (director Gayane Petrosyan, Russia — Great Britain, 2014, 74 min.)

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