17-27 September

President of the People and Environment Film Festival

Sergey Miroshnichenko

Documentary filmmaker, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Television, winner of the State Prize of Russia, secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Professor of VGIK (head of the Documentary Film Directing Workshop) and the Ostrov Studio executive. He is the winner of two Nick Awards, TEFI Award, and the Grand Prix of the American Television Academy Emmy.
The works by the classic of modern documentary cinema include such films as Georgiy Zhzhonov. Russian Cross; Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. Life Not by Lies; Unknown Putin. Peace and War; The Murder of the Emperor. Versions; Born in the USSR; Valery Gergiev. Twilight of the Gods. The documentary filmmaker Sergei Miroshnichenko talks about great Russian characters in his films. The Russian Cross trilogy is dedicated to the life of theater and film actor, Honoured Artist of the USSR Georgiy Zhzhonov. The director cites recordings of the conversations with the great writer in the film Solzhenitsyn. Life Not by Lies. The documentary The River of Life is about the Irkutsk writer Valentin Rasputin.

Filmography: The Grinder (1980), The Island (1981), That's All Life (1984), Varvara's Key (1985), Mrs. Tundra (1987), And the Past Seems like a Dream... (1988), Chastushka. XX Century (1989), Born in the USSR: 7 Up (1990), The Sacrament of Marriage (1992), The Death of the Emperor: Versions (1989-1995), Minute of Silence (1995), The Time of Great Deceptions (1996), Born in the USSR: 14 Up (1998), Solzhenitsyn. Life Not by Lies (2000), Moscow Angel (2001), Georgiy Zhzhonov. Russian Cross (2002), Born in the USSR: 21 Up (2005), River of Life (2011), Born in the USSR: 28 Up (2012), Rings of the World (2015).

"The more our civilization develops in the XXI century, the deeper the problems of the life preservation on Earth will be. Nature will become more vulnerable, and the responsibility of each nation for the land that it was given will increase. This is what Valentin Rasputin, the writer our Festival is named for, always believed and wrote about. And to continue his work, we are obliged to show the pain points in the environmental situation both in Russia and abroad. The Irkutsk Festival has long been a platform both for watching films and for discussing the challenges of XXI century caused by the activities of people who are hungry for profit, who have lost their roots and adopted the slogan "After me, the deluge!" The Festival fulfills the most important task for Siberia which is to educate young people who are interested in the problems of the immoral use of natural resources of the planet. It teaches to love the riches of nature and to protect them."

- Sergey Miroshnichenko

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