19-30 September
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«The Influence of Cinema on the Life of Society».

Creative meeting with the director, the chairman of the jury, Sergei Debizhev

Humanity is steadily moving away from the ideal. Cinema plays an essential role in this process. What is its role in the modern world? Can it be a weapon of mass destruction?

Presentation «Nature versus Progress: Issues of Finnish Documentary Films».

Presented by jury member Liina Harkonen

– «The Land of a Thousand Lakes» (actually 168,000) and proportionally the most forested country in Europe, Finland is as much known for its near-mythical relationship to nature as its innovations. How does this translate to the films of the so-called "golden era" of Finnish Documentary, starting from the 1990's onwards?

«Shooting a Documentary in Polar Conditions».

The documentary film Polar Explorer, Russia, 2008

Viewing and discussion of the film with the scriptwriter, director, cameraman, jury member of the festival Nikolai Volkov

This is harsh autuer cinema: low temperatures, short daylight hours, lurking dangers, and a man with a camera who is ready for anything .

The Chip is Inside Me An industrial event.

Focus group.

We are going to watch and discuss the rough сut of the full-length film The Chip Inside Me dedicated to the latest achievements of science and medicine.

The film will be released in 2022. You can take part in the discussion with director Yulia Kiseleva even before the production is completed within the framework of the BIFF film school.


Russia, 2021 | 51 min. | 12+

Director: Maria Aristova

Operator: Dmitry Grabovsky

The film is the winner of the 25th Save and Preserve Ecological Festival (Khanty-Mansiysk, 2021)

The film tells about environmentalists Natalia and Sergey Shaburovs. Their whole life together is in full view of Lake Baikal. She had studied zooplankton for 20 years, and he was an inspector of the Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve. Natalia and Sergey are currently employees of the Solnechnaya weather station at the cape Pokoyniki. How to live in harmony with nature, be able to protect and preserve it – the heroes of the documentary film By the Very Blue Sea have an answer to this question.

Special screening of The Tsar Bird

2018, Russia | 80 min.

Author of the script: Semyon Ermolaev

Director: Eduard Novikov

Operator: Semyon Amanatov

The film is a laureate of the 40th Moscow International Film Festival and the 17th Baikal International Film Festival People and Environment named after V. Rasputin.

Yakut cinema is a relevant topic for discussion in the modern film community. Especially after the release of The Tsar Bird in 2018 – a film about the triumph of nature over human. For 4 years, the picture has literally become indicative for everyone who got seriously interested in"Yakut Hollywood".

The director of the film, winner of several prestigious awards Eduard Novikov will take part in a creative meeting held as part of the special screening.

Presentation of Professional Film Equipment

The Irkutsk Regional Film Fund owns an equipment collection that is unique for the capital of the Angara region. The Arri Alexa Mini camera, a camera dolly, a special camera crane, a huge amount of professional lighting and sound recording equipment – this and much more will be presented in the framework of the People and Environment Festival at the open-air cinema of the Dom Kino .

The Film Fund specialists will provide details about the features of the most interesting exhibits of the collection, about their role in shooting, as well as share their vast experience in film production and answer the visitors' questions.

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