17-27 September
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Creative meeting with Viktor Rakov

Viktor Rakov has been a stage and film actor and in 1984 he started working of the Lenin Komsomol Theater. He became famous acting in the following plays: The Wise man, Juno and Avos, The Star and the Death of Joaquin Murieta, Hoax. The audience remembered his appearance in Mother, Master and Margarita, To Love in Russian, etc.

Creative meeting with the President of the People and Environment film festival Sergei Miroshnichenko

Sergei Miroshnichenko is a documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, teacher, Honored Art Worker of Russia, laureate of two State Prizes of the Russian Federation and the Vasilyev Brothers State Prize of the RSFSR, member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Culture and Art, professor of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, Academician of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia, member of the TEFI Academy of Russian Television, Academician of the Nika Academy of Cinema Arts.

Art in Motion Creative meeting with Alexander Petrov

Alexander Petrov is a director, artist, animator, Honored Artist, Member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers, the International Association of Animators ASIFA, the American Film Academy, twice winner of the State Prize of Russia (1990, 1995), winner of the Academy Award (2000), the Nika Award (2006), prize–winner of many Russian and international film festivals.

Creative meeting with Zoran Mrdzhenovich

Producer, screenwriter, actor Zoran Dushanov Mrdjenovic will talk about the international film project Stefan as well as about the Vityazfest – The Spirit of the Slavs-2023.

Production for foreigners Master class by Sarfaraz Alam

Line-Production is one of the most interesting areas in modern film production requiring close attention to all aspects: from food, accommodation and transport for the film crew to locations scouting abroad. As part of the master class, Sarfaraz Alam will share his knowledge in the field of line production and talk about the features of co-production in modern cinema.

Russian films and TV series: what has happened to them in recent years and what will happen in future. Lecture by Egor Moskvitin

Every year I visit half a dozen Russian film festivals and help to form their programs. Every summer I watch about 70 Russian TV series that have not yet been released in order to select a dozen of the most iconic ones for the Pilot Festival. At the lecture we will talk about the most important thing: will the serial miracle stop in Russia or will streaming continue to offer us stories about our country that cannot be seen in the movies? And what, in fact, is happening with our cinema. Especially now, in 2022?"

Event relevance in modern documentary cinema Q&A-session by Angelina Ashman

The work of the director-cameraman on the documentaryMaster class by Sergey Lando

What is the difference between the work of an operator in fiction and documentary movie? How independent is a documentary cameraman? Is it possible to use staged footage in non-fiction films? – Sergey Lando, the chairman of the jury of the People and Environment Film Festival, a well-known cameraman, author of numerous documentaries, feature films and television projects, will tell about these and many other practical aspects of filming.

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