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of the 20th Baikal International Film Festival

Sergey Debizhev

Russia / Chairperson of the Jury

Film director, screenwriter, public figure. Member of the Cinematography Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of Russia

He is a well-known and most highly regarded documentary filmmaker of our country. Sergey made more than 30 feature films and documentaries. Many of them won numerous awards at prestigious domestic and international film forums. The most significant ones earned the Grand Prix at major film festivals. Dozens of papers, hundreds of newspaper articles and television stories are dedicated to Sergei Debizhev's works. His films are screened on major TV channels and are studied in film schools.

Liina Harkonen

Finland / Jury Member

Chairperson of the Tampere Film Festival Board of Directors, translator

Liina has served on the Board of Directors of the prestigious Tampere Film Festival (founded in 1970) for more than 15 years and, for the last five years, in the selection team of the festival's International Competition. Since 2009, she has been the chair of Pirkanmaa Film Centre which, among other things, runs the much loved Arthouse Cinema Niagara in the centre of Tampere. She is also the chair and coordinator of the Finnish branch of the Malmö-based Doc Lounge network with six documentary film clubs around Finland. Liina holds a Master of Social Sciences majoring in Media Culture. She wrote her thesis on the theatrical distribution of Finnish feature documentary films. She translated subtitles for hundreds of movies and TV series into Finnish. She has subtitled hundreds of films and TV series into Finnish and also works with production companies to translate Finnish treatments, pitches and screenplays into English for international funding purposes. She was in the jury of the 19th Baikal International Film Festival People and Environment in 2020. Rasputin.

Nikolai Volkov

Russia / Jury Member

Cameraman, acting head of the Camerawork Department of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television

Nikolai Volkov is an Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of international, All-Soviet Union and Russian film festivals who directed more than 80 documentaries. He has been an associate professor of the Department of Cinematography at the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television since 2006. Nikolai became the professor of the Department of Cinematography at the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television in 2012. He has repeatedly been a jury member of a number of international film festivals, including the Window to Europe, Hope, PeterKiT, Beginning, Message to Man, Literature and Cinema, Russia, Green Vision, Salt of the Earth, Spring Drop film festivals.

Eduard Novikov

Russia / jury member

Director, screenwriter, cameraman

Novikov's graduation short film God won the Kodak Company Award at the PeterKiT Student Film Festival and won Best Feature Film at the Beginning Film Festival in St. Petersburg.

He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and the Film Directors Guild of Russia. In 2018, Novikov's film The Tsar-Bird won the Grand Prix of the Moscow International Film Festival and the 17th Baikal International Film Festival People and Environment. He collaborates with the National Film Company Sakhafilm (Yakutsk) and owns a small film company to shoot documentaries to order.

Galina Afanasyeva-Medvedeva

Russia / Jury Member

Doctor of Philology, ethnographer, member of the Union of Russian Writers

Author of numerous works devoted to the Siberian folk culture, including the multi-volume Subdialects Dictionary of Russian old-timers of Baikal Siberia. Professor at Irkutsk State University, head of Research Laboratory for the Study of Traditional Culture of Siberia, member of the Union of Russian Writers, Director of the Regional Center for Russian Language, Folklore and Ethnography. In 2008 Galina Afanasyeva-Medvedeva received the Governor's Award of the Irkutsk Region for her outstanding contribution to the preservation of the traditional culture of Siberia, the Saint Innocent Award for Asceticism, the Intellectual from Provincia Award in 2011, and the Order of Friendship in 2012. In 2019, Galina Afanasyeva-Medvedeva became the winner of the highest award of the X International Slavic Forum “Zolotoy Vityaz” (Rus. Golden Knight) and received Pushkin Gold medal For Outstanding Contribution to Literature in 2019. She is the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in Literature and Arts in 2020. She served as a member of the jury of the 19th Baikal International Film Festival People and Environment in 2020.

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