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En+ Group company participated as a partner of the festival “People and Environment” for the first time

The opening ceremony of the 16 th Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films n.a. V.Rasputin «People and Environment» took place in Irkutsk on the 5 th of October. EN+ GROUP company participated as a partner of the Festival for the first time this

Documentary and Popular-Science Films always raise burning problems of ecology and society. The language of cinematography clearly explains the irreversible processes that occur with our nature. After watching such films the viewer begins to treat natural resources more consciously, an ecological outlook is formed. All these are the key objectives of the integrated En+ program in order to protect and preserve the Lake Baikal and specially protected natural areas of the Russian Federation.

International level of the Festival let rise world ecological and social problems which are inseparable. Thereby the topic of the Festival coincides with the ecological activities realized by En+ Group. The organizers mention that when forming the program they wanted to show the audience a great palette of non-fiction ecological films. And not only films. This year the Festival was full of other events. Photo exhibition within the frame of the project «Rare specimen» created to the 100 th anniversary of protected areas in Russia. It is held with the support of En+ Company. The opening ceremony took place in the big hall of the Films House on the 7 th of October.

Trade fair of the ecological enterprise school was opened on the 7 th of October. Guests can taste handmade chocolate, buy cosmetics made of natural components, author’s ceramics and other eco-souvenirs from Baikal. This project is realized by En+ together with Youth Charity foundation «Revival of the Siberian Land».

The Festival closes, but not ends. On the 10 th and 11 th of October series of master-classes devoted to the cinematography and also ecology and responsible consuming supported by En+ Company in partnership with the Russian Cinematographers Union and the Guild of Russian Filmmakers. Detailed schedule of the activities will be announced later.

Entrance to all of the events is free.

Also within the framework of the Year of Ecology in Russia the Echo of the Festival will be held in Moscow with the support of En+ Group Company. The main event will take place on the 22 nd of November in the Central Film House of the Cinematographers Union of Russia and Central House of Journalists.

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