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Internet cinema "tvzavr". Virtual cinema "Barguzin".

24.09.2020, 15:00 (Msk.)

Creative meeting with the President of the People and Environment Festival, documentary film director, producer, teacher, Honoured Artist of Russia, recipient of two State Prizes of the Russian Federation, Sergey Miroshnichenko.

25.09.2020, 15:00 (Msk.)

Master-class by Liina Härkönen “Nature vs. Progress: aspects to finnish documentaries”

“The Land of a Thousand Lakes” (actually 168,000) and proportionally the most forested country in Europe, Finland is as much known for its near-mythical relationship to nature as its innovations. How does this translate to the films of the so-called "golden era" of Finnish Documentary, starting from the 1990's onwards?

26.09.2020, 15:00 (Мsk.)

Master-class by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov: « How to hunt reality?»

Every idea can turn to a successful film, and everything depends on the author's decisions in the process of its implementation. The authors of the master class will talk about their creative experience in three stages:

1) About the emergence of their interest in documentaries and about particular steps at the beginning of the path;

2) About the most difficult steps to take from education to professional career;

3) How to keep enthusiasm and patience to turn your idea into a serious and successful film, and what decisions had to be made during 4 years of work on the film Honeyland.

27.09.2020, 15:00 (Мsk.)

Master-class by Yulia Kiseleva “How to raise money for a film”

The workshop by director, screenwriter, producer Yuliya Kiseleva is dedicated to ways to find funding for a modern documentary film from crowdfunding to international coproduction.

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