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The Festival will be based on tvzavr, one of the largest Internet cinemas, providing visitors with the free access to licensed video content.

The service supports streaming over Wi-Fi and 3G and enables to instantly switch to any moment of the movie and automatically adjusts to the width of the user's Internet channel.

The Film Festival program will be presented in five virtual halls each having its own special name.


Certainly, there will be Baikal hall: as is well known, Lake Baikal is considered to be a treasure not only of Irkutsk region or Russia, but of the whole planet as it is the deepest and cleanest lake in the world accounting for almost 20% of fresh water supplies.

For many people Baikal has become a synonym with the word “ecology”, which is the theme of the People and Environment Festival. And it is not surprising that the cinema hall with this name is intended for showing films participating in the competition program of the 19th Baikal Film Festival.


For the next cinema hall the organizers have chosen the name Angara – after the only river flowing from Lake Baikal, which is famous for its unique natural beauty, but at the same time with a wayward character. Films that can be viewed in the hall are included in the non-competitive part of the festival, which is an interesting and integral part of it.


The name of Barguzin, the Baikal wind that brings sunny weather to lake Baikal, is assigned to the cinema hall for online broadcasting of the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival. By the way, many people know the word Barguzin from musical and literary works so it is quite logical that this cinema hall will become a creative platform for the Festival Film School.

Master classes of film-makers, creative meetings with famous guests, including the President of the Festival, twice winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, documentary filmmaker Sergei Miroshnichenko – all this is waiting for the audience in the Barguzin cinema hall.


Olkhon hall is another name inextricably linked with Lake Baikal. The island is revered by locals and tourists as the sacred heart of the lake and the power place. Many creative people – directors, artists, actors, come here for inspiration, understanding their creativity, and mental reboot.

Also, the island is often called the “pearl” of lake Baikal, so in the Olkhon hall viewers will be able to see the pictures that became Grand Prix winners and winners of the People and Environment Festival of previous years. One can regard these works as a source of inspiration and guidance.


It would be strange if the Festival did not have a cinema hall named Irkutsk because the capital of Eastern Siberia can be rightfully called the capital of documentary films in Siberia and the Far East.

The East Siberian Newsreel Studio was established in Irkutsk 90 years ago, on September 11, 1930. Its employees took several dozen films a year, and these works were shown all over the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. This cinema hall is launched to demonstrate films from the famous film studio archive, as well as other interesting works of Irkutsk filmmakers.

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