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In Irkutsk, at the closing ceremony of the 22nd Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment» n.a. V.G. Rasputin, which took place on September 25 at the Youth House, the winners were announced. First Deputy Governor Roman Kolesov congratulated them on behalf of the head of the region.

The jury members summed up the results of the competition program. 35 films from 17 countries took part in it: 9 documentaries, 8 popular science films, 6 feature films, 12 animations. The screenings took place at the House of Cinema and the New Cinema cinema. In addition, a separate jury evaluated 6 full-dome films that could be viewed at the Irkutsk Planetarium and the Great Irkutsk Planetarium, based at school No. 19.

  «The festival allows you not only to see wonderful films, but also to discuss global problems and hold creative meetings. Let me express my gratitude to all the organizers and participants of this wonderful event. I am convinced that in the future the festival will unite more and more caring creative people,» said Roman Kolesov.

The Grand Prix of the film forum — 300 thousand rubles, this year was won by the Russian feature film «Under the Sky Eternal and Blue» directed by Elena Emelyanova.
The award was presented to the winner by the chairman of the jury of the People and Environment festival, producer, deputy executive director of the Regional Cinema Support Fund Dmitry Yakunin. Film producer Lyubov Bazarova took part in the festival. She received the award and thanked the organizers — the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund, the jury and the audience for the warm welcome and subtle understanding of the art of cinema.

The Mikhail Romm Prize for the best documentary film was awarded to the film «Tears in the Sand» (France) directed by Hamid Sardar.

In the category «Best Popular Science Film», the Ivan Chersky Prize was awarded to Irkutsk documentary filmmaker Yulia Byvsheva for the film «Shishkinskiye Petroglyphs».

The best feature film was the work of director Mikhail Raskhodnikov «The Spirit of Baikal». He was awarded the Leonid Gaidai prize.

The award for the best animated film went to the work «A White, White Day» by Vasily Chirkov (Russia).

Director Vladimir Marin announced the winner in the «Fulldome Film» category. The Don Othello Prize was awarded to the work «Swarm» (Germany) directed by Maarten Isaäk de Heer.

For the severity of the environmental problem, the Baikal prize was awarded to the film «Drops Give Life» by Iranian director Farshid Azari.

The youth jury prizes were also awarded for the film «Ijswee» (Netherlands) directed by Okki Poortvliet,

the audience prizes were awarded to the feature film «Sack of Potatoes» (Russia) directed by Marta Kotova,

and the media community prizes were awarded to «Shishkinskiye Petroglyphs» by Yulia Byvsheva.

In addition, special prizes were received:

from the festival jury — the film «Volcano Blues» by Ilya Zheltyakov for the opportunity to feel the breath of the Earth,

from the festival jury and the Russian Railways company — the film «Bull Rookery» by Vyacheslav Stolyarov for revealing the theme of the unity of man with nature.

The Union of Cinematographers awarded director Natalia Gugueva for the feature film «Fog».

The prize from the Russian Geographical Society was awarded to Evgeniy Bezborodov’s popular science film «In Search of «Eira»».

  «This year the festival program was very diverse. The Irkutsk Regional Film Fund received 912 applications from 72 countries. Thematically, the paintings covered almost all environmental problems that are relevant today in the relationship between People and Environment. Geography was very widely represented — Russia, France, the Netherlands, Iran, French Polynesia, Slovenia, the USA, Great Britain… Every year more and more animated films appear in the competition program, which are distinguished by the severity of the problem posed and creativity. Thanks to the festival, we see how full-dome cinema is developing, how popular science is becoming more and more interesting for filmmakers,» said Andrey Salnikov, director of the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund.

The festival program will last until September 30.

The founder of the Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment» is the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and its Irkutsk regional branch. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the government of the Irkutsk region and the regional Ministry of Culture. The organizers of the festival are the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund, Irkutskkino LLC and the Kinoforum ANO.

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