17-27 September
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The Baikal Debutants Pitch Shortlist

1) Silence, written by Valeria Chebotareva, directed by Oksana Degtyareva (Short fiction film, Moscow);

2) Boryavy and Thumbelina, written by Bair Tsyrenov, Evgeny Shusharev, Vladimir Ochirov, directed and produced by Bair Tsyrenov (Web series, Ulan-Ude);

3) Private Gaidai, written and directed by Oksana Tsepilova, produced by Anastasia Zverkova (TV series, Irkutsk);

4) Extraordinary Seagull, written by Vasily Starodumov (adaptation) and Polina Stepanova, directed by Polina Stepanova (Short fiction film, Irkutsk);

5) Chersky, written and directed by Andrey Yudin (Fiction film, Irkutsk);

6) Erosion, written by Sveta Gertman (Short fiction film, Moscow);

Non-competition program: My Friend Nerpa, written and directed by Vyacheslav Butukhanov (Short fiction film, Ulan-Ude).


1) Ambitions to Win, written by Pavel Skorobogatov and Anton Sotnikov, directed and produced by Pavel Skorobogatov (Documentary fiction film, Moscow);

2) When Things are Getting Better, written by Elena Turintseva, directed by Elena Turintseva, Roman Sizykh, produced by Oksana Tsepilova (Documentary short film, Irkutsk);

3) Siberia: a Place of Memory, written by Anastasia Grigorieva, directed by Anastasia Serdyuk, produced by Maria Krasnoperova (Documentary feature film, Prague, Krasnoyarsk);

4) The Value of Water, written and directed by Andrey Timoshchenko (Documentary short film, Krasnodar);

5) Ice Queen, written by Ekaterina Kurek, Violetta Alexandrova, directed by Ekaterina Kurek, produced by Nika Peschinskaya (Documentary feature film, Irkutsk);

6) № 503. The Dead Road, written and directed by Maria Krasnoperova, produced by Maria Krasnoperova and Nikolai Krasnoperov, edited by Ekaterina Kurek (Documentary feature film, Krasnoyarsk).

The Pitch Expert Council

Larisa Solonitsyna (chairperson) – first deputy chairperson of the Russian Union of Cinematographers, director of the State Central Cinema Museum 

Natalia Mokritskaya – general director of Moskino, film critic, producer

Georgy Ryumin – creative producer of the GMP KIT Group (Gazprom-Media)

Anna Sharova – deputy director of Moscow Film School

Evgeny Subochev – business development manager of the CANON Professional Equipment Department 

Olga Belskaya – chairperson of the Irkutsk Branch of the Russian Union of Cinematographers 

Dina Zamaleeva-Podprugina – general director of BaikalKino.

The moderator of the pitch is Yuri Yashnikov, director of the Gaidai Cinematography Development Center.

The Baikal Youth Film Forum is held within the framework of the All-Russian Youth Film Forum. This year, the All-Russian Youth Film Forum is held in 13 regions of Russia with a total prize fund of 20 million rubles.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • evaluation of web series film projects by professionals and attraction of investments for them.
  • conducting educational and business programs with the participation of film industry representatives;
  • development of international and interregional relations, and the exchange of experience.

In addition to the Debutants Pitch, the project includes location tours in the regions of Russia, presentations of regional film clusters and studios, screenings, round tables, and an educational program.  

Organizers: the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation (Public Organization) and the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund (Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution) with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, the Government of the Irkutsk Region, the Ministry of Culture and Archives of the Irkutsk Region, the Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the National Fund of Right Holders, CANON Inc., Roskultcenter, Russian Film and Television Producers Association, the Moviestart production center and other organizations. 


Contact information:

Youth Policy Department of the Russian Union of Cinematographers 

123056, Moscow, Vasilyevskaya str., 13 p. 1 of. 35

+ 7 (499) 251-85-11

Irkutsk Directorate — OGAUK Irkutskoblkinofond

Contact information:

664056, Irkutsk, Mukhina str., 2a

+7 (3952) 56-70-60

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