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Creative meeting with the crew of the feature film “Sea-buckthorn Summer” was held in Irkutsk

Creative meeting with the crew of the feature film «Sea-buckthorn Summer» about life and death of an outstanding playwright A.Vampilov was held within the framework of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival  «People and Environment» named after V. G. Rasputin on the 22nd of September in Zvezdniy cinematheatre. The audience met the guests standing, with loud applause and full house. Irkutsk viewers could address questions to the lead director Viktor Alferov, the second director Elena Alferova, scriptwriter Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina and the main character of the film, Honoured Artist of Russia Andrey Merzlikin.

It turned out that Irkutsk citizens have many questions concerning the process of shooting, actors’ transformation skills, real reflection of A.Vampilov’s biography. Even such a question was heard from the hall: «How did you come to the idea of making a film about a Siberian provincial writer?» At the same time everyone who talked about the film thanked the crew. Judging by the reaction of Irkutsk viewers this film became a long-awaited event and a real present for Siberians. Many of the present people were interested in wide film distribution throughout the country. The was even a suggestion from the fans of the film to make a serial.

Scriptwriter of the film Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina told about meeting Viktor Alferov, how the script was created and shared a funny story about meeting with Andrey Merzlikin, who was selected for the role of Aleksander Vampilov in absentia by the director. The scriptwriter met with Olga Vampilova, wife of Aleksander Vampoliv, many times whose memories helped to make the image of the main character more accurate.

Elena Alferova opened an interesting detail of the film: it turned out that there was not a single costume sewed for the film «Sea-buckthorn Summer», all clothes corresponded to the epoch of the playwright’s life. The director recommended to pay attention to the artistic component of the film during re-watching. She also told how they came up with the name of the film. According to her during the search of well-sounded, bright, catching name they together with Viktor studied the correspondence from Aleksander Vampilov to Elena Yakusheva, head of literature department of many Moscow theatres, very famous person that time, and thanked to whom plays of many young playwrights were staged in metropolitan theatres.

One of the letters ended with such words: «If you have a free minute, write me several lines. If it’s not necessary I won’t come to Moscow in summer. I’ll come to the beginning of the season in autumn. We have a sea-buckthorn summer here, heat and silence. I’ll finish my work, will go to Baikal for some time to burn the remains of youth. I wish you health. Yours Vampilov.» These lines Aleksander Vampilov wrote not long before his death.

For the film director Viktor Alferov «Sea-buckthorn Summer» is a debut work in feature filmmaking. He made an accent that this is a feature film, where documentary authenticity went to the sidelines what let us add some other philosophical motives. Viktor Alferov underlined the importance of maintaining the connection of a person with homeland, with his roots. The director himself is from Orongoi village, Buryat Republic. Director’s father – Vladimir Alferov was present at the film premiere and at the meeting.

«Here Vampilov may be considered a Siberian provincial writer, but there in Moscow he is a great Russian playwright»- with such words Andrey Merzlikin began his speech. Talking about the film actor emphasized the line of searching father: according to him knowledge of who your parents were was important for a person at any age. Even though his contemporaries rarely covered this subject in their memories, the scriptwriters suggested that the writer could be very worried by the subject of his father’s Valentin Vampilov death, who was repressed in 30s.

Andrey Merzlikin thanked the Ministry of culture and archives of Russian Federation; thanked personally the Governor of Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko; Government and Ministry of culture and archives of Irkutsk region; Irkutsk Regional Film Foundation and Olga Aksamentova as its head in 2017.

The director thanked the crew from Irkutsk region: actors of Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre n.a. N.Okhlopkov- Kristina Razumova, Roman Mospan, Konstantin Ageev, workers of Irkutsk Regional Film Foundation – assistant director for properties and administrator Maria Kelchevskaya, administrator Olga Milyutina, lighting director’ assistant and author of the video about the shooting at Baikal Polina Stepanova, lighting director Anatoly Melnikov.

Also the crew thanked all who somehow participated, supported and helped in the film shooting: the team of Baikal astrophysical observatory of the solar-terrestrial physics Institute of SO RAS and its head Aleksander Borovik; head of the main department of ministry of emergency situations in Irkutsk region, major general of inner service Valentin Nelyubov; workers of Baikal rescue-and-recovery unit of Russia Aleksander Menshagin and Vasiliy Rudoi; head of the fire safety brigade №2 of Russian ministry of emergency situations in Irkutsk region Nikolay Prokopyev-his boat was used as Aleksander Vampilov’s boat in the film; owner of the boat «Fartoviy-2» Vladislav kolotkin and captain Nikolay Zakharov; owner of the family hotel «Derevenka» at Baikal Andrey Sukhanov; citizens of Irkutsk, Listvyanka village, Port Baikal; Big River village: Eduard Berlioz, Igor Volkov, Demyan Kolabin, Pavel Kochetkov, Anton Lukashkin, Igor Morgunov, Pavel Prokofyev, Pavel Fedotov; Nikolay Artemyev and «Arnika-Prom-Service» company, photographer Ivanna Obukhovich-author of the photo exhibition about the film shooting.

In the end of the meeting Andrey Merzlikin decided to make a present to Irkutsk viewers and recited a piece about Motherland from letters of Vasiliy Shukshin. Everybody could come once again and ask questions, take the autographs and make pictures.

It’s worth to mention that the meeting was held in a warm informal atmosphere and became a friends talk where the members of the crew answered the questions, commented on and supplemented each other’s statements with excitement and inspiration.

The audience saw the creators of the first feature film about life and death of a great Russian playwright A.Vampilov to the door with trepidation and gratitude.

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