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Master-class of Nikolay Larionov was conducted within the framework of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment»

Master-class of Nikolay Larionov «Trends in Russian and foreign cinema» was conducted on the 26th of September in the exhibition hall of Irkutsk Regional local history museum «Window to Asia» within the framework of the IV Baikal pitching of the best film projects, All-Russian pitching of debutants and the 17th Baikal International Film Festival  «People and Environment» n.a. V.G.Rasputin. Nikolay is a film producer, member of the expert committee of the Film Foundation. He has worked as an analyst in the core journal about the film industry «Newsletter of film distributor» for 7 years.

During the meeting Nikolay told about the tendencies in modern Russian and foreign feature films; what should be included into the contest script application, why and how the film becomes successful despite the opinions of producers, marketing specialists and others. Young filmmakers managed to discuss a very important question connected with screenings of authors and art-house films in commercial cinema halls. «One of the resolution of this problem is constant work with permanent viewers of art-films: conducting of special screenings, inviting the directors and critics for the film discussion, selection of the repertoire.»

The repertoire of the cinemas is very often conditioned by the preferences of women. It turned out that women play a significant role influencing the box office and fullness of a cinema hall. It’s difficult to force them to watch a fantastic film without impressive emotional characters or the scary movie with real blood scenes, though some young scary movie lovers are ready to sit and fear in groups! At the same time mysterious stories even with negative but handsome characters arouse their sympathy.

Talking about viewers’ preferences and what is relevant for the cinema halls nowadays Nikolay touched the topic of new technologies introduction not only in cinema, but in our everyday life. «The generation of 90s and 00s do not need big screen to watch a film, adults are quite satisfied with possibility to watch a film on their gadgets with small screens combining film watching with other things», — mentioned Nikolay. This makes addition to the tendency on decreasing number of people in the cinema halls what influences the ticket price.

Talking about the future forecast Nikolay Larionov mentioned rapid increase of industry and also the quality of the national filmmaking, wider exit into the international distribution, family films need and many others. Though the quality of the national films is gradually increasing, the financing leaves much to be desired. Naming the most successful Russian films of last years – «Moving Upwards», «Time of the First», «Salut-7», «The Last Hero», «Gravitation», «The Crew», «Ice» and others- Nikolay Larionov tried to systematize what unites all these projects. According to him Russian viewer wants to watch films about himself, not to see invented heroes from parallel reality on the screen far from real life, but those who surround us.

«The most effective from the point of view of distribution in Russia are not the films which are trying to parasitize on Hollywood, but spirit raising stories which give some moral guidelines», — he claimed and took «Moving Upwards» as an example.

The speaker rated the need of family films and animation as the world trend. He called «The Last Hero», which sequel is going to be screened soon, a good national example.


Producer mentioned that if in USA most of the box-office hits are entertainment films with huge budget (franchise, comics), in this situation Russian cinema can compete only with «mental stories about us».

In conclusion Nikolay Larionov mentioned: «Russia – is a film watching country what inspires those who decided to devote their lives to the film art and filmmaking».

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