17-27 September
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Creative meeting with the President of the Film Festival «People and Environment» was held in Irkutsk

Creative meeting with Sergey Miroshnichenko, the President of the Film Festival, documentary films director, producer, teacher, honoured Art Worker of Russia, winner of two State awards of Russian Federation was held within the framework of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival  «People and Environment» n.a. V. G. Rasputin in Zvezdniy cinematheatre on the 22nd of September in Irkutsk.

The moderator of the meeting was Yulia Bivsheva – his student who finished studio of Sergey Miroshnichenko in All-Russian State Film Institute and who has been successfully working as a documentary film director in Irkutsk and a teacher in Irkutsk branch of All-Russian State Film Institute.

Fragments from works directing by Sergey Miroshnicheko were shown at the meeting and the story of their creation was told — documentary film «Bottom» – investigation of the events happened in 1917 in Russia, how outstanding minds came to the idea of destroying the Monarchy and displace the legal head of the state Nikolay II from the throne. The name of the film has been borrowed from the name of the railway station close to the place where the last Russian Emperor abdicated the throne. Main characters – historical personalities who were active participants of those events and left completely contradictory memories after themselves.

«When I began this work I understood that there were almost no real video documents. There was just a small piece of newsreel and revolutionary chronicle. And I thought – how can the story be told unobtrusively, without narration. And then the idea appeared, I don’t know — good idea or not, but I tried it first, -said Sergey Miroshnicheko. – I read all the documents and decided to give my authors the right to tell what they think themselves, let them wriggle and lie, behave themselves as usually person who is interviewed behaves – he’ll tell something, but will hold something back.»

Also a fragment from the fifth part of «Born in USSR» which hasn’t been distributed yet was shown, where Sergey Miroshnicheko returning to his characters every 7 years to trace how people’s fates change during their lives. New chapter has the subheading «35» what corresponds with the age of the film characters.

«I can only say that 35 years is a very important time in person’s life, - said Sergey Miroshnicheko. – If 28 years old is time of «realization», then 35 — is «time when the Sun is in culmination above you» and when the shadow of your memory about the childhood has been reduced to zero and the shadow goes in the direction of wisdom.»

Also Sergey Miroshnicheko supported the idea expressed by the audience about the creation of the filmmakers museum where young generation could study the works of such great directors as Leonid Gaidai, Mikhail Romm, Aleksandr Sokurov and others. Sergey Miroshnicheko spoke about the filmmaking of the future with optimism mentioned that modern technologies as VR opens a lot of new possibilities to create interesting and unusual projects.

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