17-27 September
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Press conference on the closing of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment» named after V. G. Rasputin

Participants: President of the Festival, Director of documentary films, producer Sergey Miroshnichenko; Vice-President of the Festival, Head of the Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Filmmakers Union of Russia Olga Belskaya; General Director of the Festival, Head of Irkutsk Regional Film Foundation Andrey Salnikov; Head of the jury, documentary films director, scriptwriter Natalia Gugueva; members of the jury: director Elena Alferova; scriptwriter, director, teacher Cristiane Buchner; ecologist Jennifer Satton; producer, director Takashi Niva; actress, radio broadcaster Tatyana Skorokhodova.


Sergey Miroshnichenko expressed his gratitude to the Governor of Irkutsk region for the finance support of the Festival and to the Minister of culture and archives of Irkutsk region Olga Stasyulevich at the press conference. According to him there was a joint resolution taken with the government of Irkutsk region that next year low-budget feature films will be financed with the support of the Ministry of culture and archives of Irkutsk region. Besides Sergey Miroshnichenko told about the plans to obtain funds from federal budget what will help to increase considerably the level of the Festival:

— The contest for the feature short films scripts will be announced, we’ll wait for the good films from Irkutsk filmmakers. Also there will be documentary films financing. Now everything depends on the artists who live in Irkutsk region.

Andrey Salnikov pronounced his hope that the cooperation with other ecological projects will be consolidated. General Director of the Film Festival «People and Environment» expressed his gratitude to the Governor of Irkutsk region for increasing the Film Festival budget:

— The main evaluation will be given by the viewers and the jury. I think that this Festival became the Festival where dreams came true: we dreamed of becoming partners with the water forum and it was realized.

Vice-president Olga Belskaya told in details about the pitching held on the 25th of September, project which was realized in order to support financially young filmmakers. «Grand-Prix» and money prize of 500 000 rubles was awarded to the project «National word. Valentin Rasputin», director Yulia Bivsheva. In the «Documentary film» nomination the victory was gained by the project «Poacher hunters», director Anna Moiseenko. The winner was awarded with the money prize of 80 000 rubles. In the «Feature film» nomination the victory was gained by the project «Landing approved», director Anastasia Zverkova. The winner was awarded with the money prize of 80 000 rubles.

Commented on the Film Festival work Olga Belskaya mentioned that its development is going balanced enough in all the directions: enlarging the nominations, country-participants, number of applications, cooperation with other projects and including pitching in it. In her opinion pitching is an additional impulse for the Festival. Vice-president said that demand for documentary films exist in our region not only during the Festival:

— 15 cinema halls will be opened in Irkutsk region. These will be state institutions where documentary films which are distributed with reluctance by commercial enterprises will be screened.

 Natalia Gugueva told about the work of the Film Festival jury:

— Jury is a live organism when people from different countries, with different tastes come together, that’s why it’s difficult sometimes to find common criteria of evaluation. We searched for the compromise and there was no emotional arguing. We had discussions every day.

The head of the jury sincerely shared with us that she was upset for the directors whose works were not awarded. At the same time, according to her the Grand Prix winner was chosen unanimously.

Christine Buchner, a member of the jury from Germany, called the Festival «People and Environment» a really working Festival. According to the words of director they worked every day what was favored by the wide program of the participants. There was a wish from the guest from Europe, Christiane advised to enlarge the ecological topic among the contest film.

Jennifer Satton positively praised introduction of a new social-ecological video nomination in the contest program:

— I’d like to watch more videos: they are laconic and suitable for watching by the majority of the people.

Tatyana Skorokhodova said that the jury didn’t expect to watch so many interesting and qualitative works. The actress told about feature films and its components which the jury paid attention to during evaluation:

— The strongest part in the feature films — is emotional part. You can make everything according to the shooting rules, buts finally you’ll get cold hearts of the viewers.

Second director of the feature film «Sea-buckthorn Summer» Elena Alferova thanked for the honour of their work being the opening film of the Festival:

— We were very worried because it was the screening at Aleksander Vampilov’s Motherland. Our work is a happened creative act, and we are not afraid of the criticism but on the contrary, consider every opinion.

Also Elena thanked the selection committee created the contest program of the Festival:

—The program was diverse, of different genres and volume. It was difficult to choose the favourites.

Producer from Japan and a member of the jury Takashi Niva expressed his desire to take some contest films to his Motherland to show it there. He mentioned a high level of films presented at the Festival.

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