17-27 September
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Three master-classes were held within the framework of Film School of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment» named after V. G. Rasputin

Three master-classes were held within the framework of the 17th Baikal International Film Festival  «People and Environment» named after V. G. Rasputin on the 23d and 24th of September in the Irkutsk regional Film Foundation.

Master-class of Cristiane Buchner «You should film only things close to you for it to become a piece of art» was held on the 23d of September. Christine is documentary films director, teacher of cinema and media courses in Academy of Arts in Cologne (Germany). At the master-class Christine told what brought her to the cinema, answered the questions of young filmmakers, showed her documentary films. «My education in architecture played an important role in my filmmaking activity. Knowledge of sculpture integrated with the mechanism of the cinema let give the film a kind of fundamental character, architectural shape», — underlined the director. The director repeated several times that during the shooting she always went deep into the topic and tried to gain personal experience in it.

On the 24th of September the head of the jury committee, Natalia Gugueva, gave her master-class «Directing spectators’ emotions». Natalia is documentary films director, scriptwriter, producer, lead director of the documentary films Direction JSC «First Channel», laureate of national awards «Lavr», «Tefi», nominee in film awards «Nika», «Zolotoy Orel», «Beliy Slon». Grand Prix winner and prize-winner of international and All-Russian festivals.

Natalia’s project as a director «Afterburning» was shown at the master-class — a story of creating and development of flight deck fighters in Russia, told by one of its founder – Hero of Russia, Major General Timur Apakidze. Natalia told about the shooting of this film and added: «After the shooting I continue to maintain relationships with characters of the film, we became a very important part of each other’s lives.» She also told about shooting her film «Who is this Emir Kusturica?» and about the experience of working with famous director and musician. It’s necessary to note that Emir Kusturica was a guest of the International musical festival «Stars on Baikal» in the beginning of September invited by Denis Matsuev and had a meeting with the cinema community in Irkutsk regional film foundation where Natalia’s film about him was screened.

There was another master-class conducted by the member of the jury committee Elena Alferova «From film lover to professional. Cinema education for children: creative lab» on the 24th of September. Elena is 

Since 2009 till now she has been director of the cyclic TV-program «Documentary camera» on Kultura TV-channel. From 2015 to 2017 – lead editor on national documentary film selection at Russian TV-Rradio channel «Kultura». Elena is also a member of the selection committee at the film festival «Luchezarniy Angel» and «Svidanie s Rossiei», all-Russian film festival for children and youth «Geroi». At the master-class Elena told in detail about her teaching experience in the film and television school «Aurum» where classes for children and teenagers are held on the following subjects: acting skills, film school, photography. Elena Alferova mentioned: «Children became more confident and their circle of interests is enlarged. In fact, study at our school is the first step in the profession, preparation to enter a cinematographic university».

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