Welcome to the third Baikal pitching session for the best film projects of Irkutsk Oblast, Republic of Buryatia and Zabaikalsky Region!

The third Baikal pitching for young film makers is a part of the sixteenths Baikal International film festival “People and Environment”.
The Youth Centre of the Russian Filmmakers Union, Irkutsk regional department of the Russian Filmmakers Union with support of the National Endowment for the copyright holders have been the project facilitators since 2015. Pitching is a project presentation created to draw the attention of producers, investors and partners. A presentation takes up to five minutes. The main goal and objective of the pitching session is to get a project
openly and objectively assessed by the on-lookers. Project initiators can apply for participation in Baikal pitching session with the screenplay outlines for both fiction and non-fiction films. Any person living on the territory of Irkutsk Region, Republic of Buryatia or Zabaykalsky region, as well as any resident of Russia, willing to shoot in Irkutsk Region or around lake Baikal can apply.

Pitching session is moderated by Dmitry Yakunin, General Manager of Filmmakers Union's Youth Center (Moscow). The winners of the Third Baikal Pitching will be awarded with prizes for a total amount of 60 000 roubles for the launch of their film projects. The prize fund was established by the general partner, Irkutsk Regional Film Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Archives of Irkutsk Region. The Film Foundation also awards the winners with the certificates enabling them to rent film equipment for a total amount of 60 000 roubles.

The pitching session will take place on October, 5 at Irkutsk Regional state scientific library named after Molchanov-Sibirsky (252 Lermontov street) at 11 am at the conference hall 706.

Admission is free!
More information on the pitching session and its schedule at www.kinopitching.ru

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