Ten centimeters for life


Russia, 2014, 64 min. Director Anna Yanovskaya.

This is a movie about people who miraculously survived after one of the most horrible floods of the past decade. The tragedy in Crimsk, the south of the Krasnodar Territory, happened in the evening of July 6 and the morning of July 7 in 2012. Water was almost ceiling-high, only 10 centimeters of air were left. People were standing on tables and wardrobes in iced water trying to keep their faces in that 10 centimeter space. The director is investigating display of human behavior in emergency situation: how sense of humor and incredible will to live made those people survive.

Anna Yanovskaya graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, department of general stage management (class of M.A. Zaharov), Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (class of V.A. Grammatikov, A.E. Borodyanskiy). Director and screenwriter of documentaries, theater and movie actress.