Russia, 2016, 55 min. Director Alina Rudnitskaya.

Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power stationis located on the Yenisei River and is the largest power plant in Russia in terms of capacity andone of the largest in the world. On 17 August 2009the plant suffered the biggest in the history of Russian hydraulic power industry catastrophic accident, 75 people were confirmed dead. Five years and 40 billion rubles were spent to restart operation of the plant. But what was the real causeof the tragedy and should we wait for the spate of new technogenic catastrophes?

Alina Rudnitskayahas been making documentaries since 2002. She is a multiple winner of the Russian national prize “Lavr” award andthe Russian film critics award "White Elephant", a nominee for the national film award “Nika”, won awards at international festivals in Leipzig, Krakow, Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto, Oberhausen, Zagreb, Belgrade,St. Petersburg, Moscow. Being a documentary film director she is interested not only in facts and today’s social realities but also inthe internal world of a character. This helps her to create a bright image of a modern person.