Once Upon a Peatland


France, 2015, 32 min. Director Céline Malèvre.

Peat bogs. An alive, old environment of several thousand years, fascinating, full of mysteries and still underestimated. Through a personal quest, the director takes us to discover this world. Crossing France in search of answers, we will even go to Denmark! Throughout meetings, we learn more on many aspects about peatlands: functioning of the environment, biodiversity, threats and saving, but also on our history. This film with mass appeal is in tribute to this fantastic world.

Céline Malèvre is born in Dordogne (France) and she's 27 years old. She grown up in the countryside and since her earliest age she is very interested about wildlife documentary. She studied communication and multimedia, and she received a Master's degree about «Wildlife, Nature and Environment Documentary's Filmmaking» in 2014.