Land of Udehe


Russia, 2015, 26 min. Director Ivan Golovnev.

For Kelundzig hunters the very life starts in September-October, when in their boats tightly packed with supplies they sail to the upper Samarga to their winter huts where they live three-four months hunting fur. The inhabitants of the “Land of Udehe” lived just the same hundred years ago, when Vladimir Arsenyevwasin his expeditionhere and Aleksandr Litvinov shot his ethnographic film"Forest people". They still survive in a narrowing circle of timber industry. “All Udegei people are animists. They see life in everything. There is no death for them”, - wrote ethnographer Vladimir Arsenyev in his “Land of Udehe”. 
Ivan Golovnev graduated from the history department of the Omsk State University, collegeof Sverdlovsk Film Studio (class of Y. Lapshin), Higher Courses of Screenwritersand Directors (class of P. Todorovskiy and N. Ryazantseva). Director of documentaries “Tiny Katerina” (2004), “Old Man Peter” (2008), “Oil field” (2012). Member of the Russian Filmmakers' Union.