The Everglades — A Watery Wilderness


Germany, Hungary, 2015, 51 min. Director Zoltan Torok.

Forget that dark swamp picture: the Everglades in fact is a crystal clear shallow river flowing slowly towards the sea. This is an intimate portrait of this strange but troubled watery wilderness through the stories of the animals which call it home.

After graduating as a geographer Zoltan Török has started to work in the film and television industry more than one and half decade ago. Soon he moved towards high-end productions for the international market with Scandinature Films, Sweden. Besides producing many award-winning films with the acclaimed Swedish company he participated in the prestigious Discovery Masterschool and took an internship at BBC’s Natural History Unit. In 2007 he has founded Wild Tales Productions (aka Azara Film in Hungary). The company’s first big international coproduction (with NDR Naturfilm) was about his home country’s bogs, swamps and marshes: Wild Hungary — «A Water Wonderland».