Natural Selection

Fulldome film

Netherlands, 2011, 42 min. Director Robin Sip.

Join the young Charles Darwin on an adventurous voyage of exploration circumnavigating the World with the HMS Beagle. In Victorian times many physical phenomena were already discovered by natural laws, but life's most eloquent mechanism was still unknown: How could new species arise to replace those lost in extinction? It was time for someone to come forth with a Naturalist explanation of this mystery of mysteries.

Sip entered the field in 1988, gaining experience in the Omniversum Space Theatre in the Hague, at Evans & Sutherland and the London planetarium. He's made 13 fulldome shows over the past decade, three of them self-financed Mirage3D titles and the others for third parties, including a number of popular favorites and financial successes, including Two Small Pieces of Glass, Dawn of the Space Age, Origins of Life, Natural Selection, Power of the Telescope and Supervolcanoes. The recent title Cleopatra's Universe, produced for the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium at the Milwaukee Public Museum, to accompany the eponymous traveling exhibit, earned back its investment in 3 months, according to Sip. Sip is a creative as well as a business leader - a pioneer in the application of 3D production processes for the dome as well as a risk-taker when it comes to subject matter.