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MEXICO, 2014, 80 MIN.

«La sangre barbara» is a film about the story of the struggles, aspirations and dreams of a Nahua indigenous community at the Sierra Madre mountains of the North of Puebla in Mexico. Through a choral narrative, we hear the voices (in off) of each one of the characters while we follow them in their everyday lives. 
During the film we will witness a trial in the only operating indigenous tribunal of Mexico, the healing practices of a shaman who receives hundreds of patients per day, the anniversary party of an eco touristic hotel own by a women association, the ritualistic rehearsals of a group of dancers in preparation of a popular religious celebration, a day in a Nahua speaking elementary school or the labor day of a peasant in his coffee field among other daily scenes. 
We will learn about their fights against racism within the country, their worries because the new generations of Nahuas are ashamed to speak their language or their collective political movements against Wal Mart and the Canadian mine corporations. 
«La sangre bárbara» will introduce us to the lives of the contemporary Nahuas, not the ones in the official Mexican history, the touristic advertisement or the folkloric conservationism, but a group of human beings fighting for their own right to live and believe in the world the way they have imagined it.