The competitive programme of documentary and popular science films has been formed.

The competitive programme of documentary and popular science films that will be aspiring to win the grand prix of the film festival “People and Environment” has been formed. This year 17 films including fulldomes participate in the competition.
The selectors of the festival have watched nearly 400 films, which is one hundred more than they had last year. The members of the selection committee have been Olga Krasnoyarova (candidate of art history, member of Russian Filmmakers Union), Mikhail Rozhanskiy (Scientific director of the Centre for Independent Social Research and Education), Kirill Dimov (cinematographer of “Vostochno-Sibirskaya studio of documentaries”), Maria Kelchevskaya (director of Irkutsk Film Foundation) and Yulia Yakimova (programme manager of the festival).
Yulia Yakimova:
“This year the programme of the festival is very diverse both in topics and nature of films. We have been negotiating for a long time with the selection committee, but still chose to include in the competitive programme two films based on stories of events that were provoked by the construction of hydro-electric plants – “Catastrophe” by Alina Rudnitskaya and “The fourth Circle” by Ekaterina Stytsenko. Apart from being appealing to our audience, these films are a tribute to Valentin Rasputin, who the festival is named after. I would also like to mention that in September, within th framework of this thematic series we plan to organize special screening of a film that has become a classic of the documentary genre – “Flooding Area” by Boris Shunkov (grand prix at the first festival “People and Environment” in 1999). It is vitally important that our young audience, having watched new and classis documentary films, would understand the continuity.

There are 6 Russian films in the programme, including the film by Mikhail Barynin “24 Kinds of Snow” that has received an Audience Choice Award at Moscow Film Festival. Promo-demonstration of this film will take place on August 5 at 9 pm at V. Bronstein Gallery. This film about Yakutia will be shown in an atmosphere of paintings of yakutian artist Mikhail Starostin, whose exhibition is now on display at the gallery. “24 Kinds of Snow” is somewhat of an observation. Such films are our favourite part of the programme.  

“The Land of Udekhe” by Ivan Golovnyov can be put in the same category as well as “Paraiso” by Nash Ang Ghan from the Philippines and “Waiting for the (t)rain” by French filmmakers. Behind just observing and fixating life drama and philosophy are hidden. Besides, it is always the burning issue. For example, behind the name “Paraiso” there is a heartbreaking story of child survivors of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Our festival does not only pay attention to selecting controversial topics of highest concern but to the modern search of documentary language. One of the most interesting films from this perspective is “Orphans (a Requiem)” by a Canadian director Joel Elliot; it is a truly original, authorial film. The director has found an unusual form for reflcting on the destiny of the people forced to part (North and South Korea).

Audiences will enjoy a variety: classic publicist films, wonderful popular science films, independent films, philosophic and problem-centered. In a word, documentaries in their brightest and different manifestations – from a truth of a severe document to an author’s statement”.
Film festival “People and Environment” will take place on September 22-26; it will be its fifteenth time. Apart from the screenings of films in the competitive programme, the audience (even its youngest members) will be able to enjoy many-sided and interesting non-competition programme.  
The competition programme of Baikal International Film Festival of Documentary and Popular Science Films after Valentin G. Rasputin:

1. 24 Snow
Director Mikhail Barynin, Russia, 2014, 90 min.
2. The fourth circle
Director Ekaterina Stytsenko, Russia, 2015, 45 min.
3. Waiting for waves and particles
Director Dmitry Zavilgelskiy, Russia, 2015, 78 min.
4. Waiting for the (t)rain
Director Simon Panay, France, 2015, 25 min.
5. Ten Centimeters of Life
Director  Anna Yanovskaya, Russia, 2014, 64 min.
6. K2 and the Invisible Footmen
Director Iara Lee, Pakistan, 2015, 54 min.
7. Catastrophe
Director Alina Rudnitskaya, Russia, 2016, 55 min.
8. Koneline: our land beautiful
Director Nettie Wild, Canada, 2015, 96 min.
9. Once Upon a Peatland
Director Céline Malèvre, France, 2015, 32 min.
10.Orphans [a requiem]
Director Joel Elliott, Canada, 2016, 31 min.
11.Paraiso / Paradise
Director Nash Ang Gahan, Philippines, 2015, 60 min.
12.Overcast - an investigation into climate engineering
Director Matthias Hancke, Switzerland, 2015, 80 min.
13.Land of Udehe
Director Ivan Golovnev, Russia, 2015, 26 min.
14.The Everglades - A Watery Wilderness
Director ZoltanTorok, Germany, Hungary, 2015, 51 min.
15.  February
Director Maarten Isaäk de Heer, Netherlands, 2015, 15 min.
16 Habitat Earth
Director Ryan Wyatt, USA, 2015, 25 min.
17. Natural Selection
Director Robin Sip, Netherlands, 2011, 42 min.