The Governor of the Irkutsk region

Dear friends! I warmly welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the anniversary XV International Festival of Documentary and Popular science films "People and environment"! Speaking on ecology and preservation of Lake Baikal by means of documentary films, which always impress with its authenticity and sincerity, is important not only for the Angara region but for the entire planet. That is why Festival "People and environment" is of interest to the masters of documentary films from many countries and draw great public attention. Developing of ecological thinking is one of the priorities in the formation of universal human cultural values.It’s remarkable that Festival "People and environment" was bornhere on Irkutsk soil nearclear Lake Baikal.Every year it gathers more and more viewers who care and talented participants. I am convinced that the XV International Festival of Documentary and Popularscience films "People and environment" will bring us bright impressions,discover new names and add another remarkable page in its history. I wish you all a warm meetings, creative discoveries, unforgettable emotions, health , happiness and prosperity!
Vladimir Medinsky

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Dear friends! I am glad to greet you at the opening of the Baikal International Festival "People and environment"! It is very important that it is named after the outstanding Russian writer Valentin Rasputin, who became a symbol of honest civic position, a model of moral attitude to the native land and the roots. It is also important to point out that the Festival is being developing and involving new formats. "People and environment" continuously contributes to the development of cultural life of the region, firmly holding its international status and has occupied a niche "only honest cinema". With its best works it influences the audience, encourages them to reflect on the current environmental issues. Each year it draws public interest and is appreciated by professionals. Joining the numerous words of support and praise, I sincerely wish this Film Festival to impress its guests with bright films and reveal new names!

никита михалков.jpgNikita Mikhalkov

Honored artist of RF, director of Russian Fimmaker s Union

Film Festival “People and Environment” unites filmmakers of different countries to fairly figure out how we live on our planet and how we should treat it. I want the audience of the Baikal film festival to leave the cinema hall having changed the usual "it is none of my business" attitude to other, which gives us hope: "I'm responsible!"

Vladimir Naumov

The President of the Russian National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences

With the development of technical progress society began to lose ecological culture, values connected with preserving our nature. The philosophy of life in harmony is violated, a human doesn't see him/herself as a part of huge world of nature. All these cannot leave documentalists unmoved as their aim is to show honestly all that surrounds us. For already the fourteenth time Film Festival «People and Environment» in Irkutsk gives film makers an opportunity to reflect on these burning questions
распутин.JPGValentin Rasputin

writer and social activist

With the great warmth we welcome Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films «People and Environment» that for the first time is held under the name of Valentin Rasputin. We view this dedication as a recognition of his selfless devotion to the protection of local nature. We wish that the words of Valentin Rasputin, that ment to him the highest praise, «a solid piece of work» were applicable to the festival itself and to the majority of the films presented on the festival.

V. Rasputin's family