Waiting for Waves and Particles

Documentary | Russia | Dmitry Zavilgelskiy | 2015 | 78 min | 12+


It’s not an easy scientific task to unravel the true mysteries ofexistence. It might take more than years – often decades, evenlifetimes are spent in search for truth with no guarantee forsuccess. The film tells astory of well-known physicists Valentin Rudenko, Andrei Rostovtsev and Sergei Troitskiy and their search forwaves and particles which, if discovered, can change our understandingof the Universe. But no one knows how long the road to discovery willtake.

Dmitry Zavilgelskiy

Dmitry Zavilgelskiy graduated from the faculty of soil science ofLomonosov Moscow State University, Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (class of L. Gurevich). Director of documentary and popular science films, member of the Russian Filmmakers' Union, member of the Documentary Film and Television Guild, graduate of Russian-United States “Open World” program, winner of international festivals and national awards and festivals.

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