The Lord Eagle

FEATURE FILMS | Russia | Eduard Novikov | 2018 | 80 min. | 16+


Yakutia, the 1930s. Old Mikipper and his wife Oppuos live their days in thick taiga. Cows, hunting, fishing make up the simple everyday life of the old people. Once early in the winter an eagle flies into their garden. The old people dare no drive it away because eagles are sacred. From that day the people and the bird start to live together in one house.

Eduard Novikov

Eduard graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television in 2001, specializing in «Director Cameraman». He works in the State National Film Company «Sakhafilm» (Yakutsk). Member of the Russia’s guild of film directors, member of the Russian Filmmakers Union.

Baikal international film festival archive
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