The Expedition Reef

FULLDOME FILMS | USA | Ryan Wyatt | 2018 | 26 min. |


Embark on a journey into the hidden world of coral reefs in a show that explores some of our planet’s most biodiverse – and critically threatened – ecosystems. Dive into the heart of a Philippine coral reef as thousands of tropical fish flutter by. Travel the globe to explore coral reefs teeming with life and learn how scientists are racing to develop sustainable solutions to protect these vitally important ecosystems for the future. Along the way, discover how corals live, breathe, and reproduce, supporting a quarter of all marine life on Earth and providing critical benefits to human communities in our ever-changing world.

Ryan Wyatt

Ryan Wyatt is a director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization at the California Academy of Sciences. Also Wyatt worked
for six years as Science visualizer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Previously, he opened technologically-advanced planetariums in Phoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wyatt’s professional interests include making research data sets accessible to the general public, and developing standards and best practices in the fulldome video community. Wyatt also indulges avid enthusiasm for archeoastronomy, the history of science, and intersections between art and science.

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