Teriberka. LIVE

Documentary | Russia | Yulia Varentsova | 2017 | 40 min | 12+


Treiberka, a small village on the shore of Barents Sea, became famous due to Andrei Zvyagincev's film "Leviathan" and at the same time became a symbol of Russian backwoods and hopelessness. But having watched the film Boris Akimov, an entrepreneur, came to an unusial conclusion. He decided to work on Teriberka: to use its main potential - the present publicity. To breath in new life to it. To set up new aqua farms, a cafe with local sea urchins, codfish and mussels, to open up hotels, to organize a festival of modern art, to install wind generators. In general, to make Teriberka a paradise. "And if we are successful it will be a great examplehow you can turn the story around. To rewind life in the remotest dying villages of the country", says the entreprenuer. Will he and his team manage to do it?

Yulia Varentsova

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