Symphony of the underworld

DOCUMENTARY AND POPULAR-SCIENCE | Slovenia | Igor Vrtačnik | 2017 | 54 min. | 6+


This decade marks the two hundredth anniversary of opening of the Postojna cave and a hundred years of electrification of the cave. Up until today it was visited by 38 million of people, it is classified as part of 30 largest world wanders! The way it was presented to the world is closely connected to one of the most known European photographers at the turn of the twentieth century – Rudolf Burner Dvořák. His photos of the Postojna cave from 1909 are the first collection of photos of any cave in the world. There were states, lines of generations, but the cave remains…

Igor Vrtačnik

Studied at and graduated from the Ljubljana Film Academy. He has made sixty documentaries. Directed five short films and one feature film - Piranedello, with cinematographer Georgij Rerberg. Rerberg is known for his work on Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpieces such as The Mirror (1974) and Stalker (1979).

Baikal international film festival archive
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