Special screenings. In memory of V. Rasputin

Documentaries | Russia | Victor Alfyorov | 2017 | 102 min | 6+

Special screenings

Special screenings of the documentaries about Russian writer Valentin Rasputin (6+)

2 October 2017. 6:00 PM, Regional state scientific library named after Molchanov-Sibirsky (252 Lermontov street), conference hall 706.

It has been three years since Baikal International Film Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films “People and Environment” was named after its outstanding countryman – writer Valentin G. Rasputin. In the year of 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Oblast all who contributed to its history are remembered. But Valentin G.Rasputin’s contribution is unique. Being sharp and honest, he was deeply worried about his small motherland; the beauty of Siberian nature was an integral part of his works. Valentin Rasputin dedicated his mighty writing gift to preservation of Russian spirituality.
Many filmmakers worked on films about Valentin Rasputin that became a vivid testimony of his bright life. Some of them will be in the Festival program.

At Home | directors M. Filatov, M. Aristova | 2002 | 25 min.
Together with Valentin Rasputin the film authors travelled to his motherland – to Atalanka village, to Ust-Uda village. Astonishing relationship of the world-famous writer and his country-fellows became the main topic of the film.

In the Depths of Siberia | director Alexander Schuvikov | 2005 | 39 min.
The film is dedicated to life and work of Valentin Rasputin. His stories and novels “The Last Term”, “French Lessons”, “Live and Remember”, “Farewell to Matyora” became classics of modern literature. The episodes of film adaptations and plays based on Rasputin’s works and materials of State TV and Radio Fund were used in the film. The pages of Valentin Rasputin’s work are read by Boris Plotnikov, an actor. But the main thing of the film is the dialogs with the writer, his thoughts on the fate of literature and culture, on the modern society issues.

Is Irkutsk with us? | director Maria Kelchevskaya | 2016 | 16 min. | produced by Irkutsk Regional Film Foundation
It is hard to imagine Irkutsk without old wooden houses and tracery windows. Unfortunately, the wooden town recedes into the past and is left only on the postcards or on film. The prose of Valentin Rasputin and the poetry of Mark Sergeev sound in the film like a sad anthem to the disappearing old things.

Legendary Friendships. Farewell. Rasputin About Vampilov | directors Alexey Schischov, Elena Yakovich | 2013 | 32 min.
The friendship of the outstanding country-fellows started at the time of their study at the Irkutsk State University and continued till the tragic death of Vampilov in 1972. It left an imprint not only on their lives and works but on the Russian literature as a whole.

2017,10,07*14:00*Irkutsk National Library of Molchanov-Sibirsky

Victor Alfyorov

Victor Alfyorov is a film and theatre director, actor. 1999 he graduated from East-Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts with a degree in «Artistic director of the theatrical collective». 2004 he graduated from directing department of RATI-GITIS. He directed documentary films Dance of the eagle (2014) and Land of happy learning.

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