Documentary | France | William Touitou | 2017 | 52 min | 16+


The end of the Arctic winter, near one of the most unexplored mountains in Alaska. The snow is still fresh and the weather unpredictable. Storms rumble on the summit, transforming everything into a cold white soup. The sunlight makes an appearance once again, after months of hibernation. The snowboarder Mathieu Crepel, and the surfer Damien Castera have chosen this period of transition between seasons to begin their extraordinary adventure: Reaching the Gulf of Alaska by following the course of the river and melting snow. Three natural environments: Mountains, River and Ocean – Only one element: Water.

William Touitou

During teen years Will acquired a video camera and started filming short movies. After years of experience from internship and different shooting, he went on learning as an art director in a music label. At 25, he founded his own movie company When We Were Kids with his best friend. He directed three short films with a lot of nominations in festivals. It also takes the opportunity to prove his artistic potential in advertising movies, Documentary films and also music video.

He has just finished his new documentary « Odisea – Des Andes au Pacifique » and on the other hand Will is developing his first feature movie.

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