Fulldome | Russia | Maxim Savchenko | 2017 | 8 min | 6+


It is a story of one of the oldest (from 1954) and probably one of the smallest (14 metres) icebreakers in the world. The everyday job of “Minin” is to break ice in the estuary of the Angara River, the only river that flows out of Lake Baikal. It is necessary so that a ferry from the mainland could reach Port Baikal village. It is the only way to bring food, emergency services, local people and tourists to the village. Film “Minin” shows the village where time stopped 30 years ago. You will see the dwellers, Minin’s crew, their stories, thoughts on the village and navigation at Lake Baikal. The film is shot in 360º for VR-headsets; it is adopted for full-dome cinemas. “Minin” is a debut film in 360º shooting for Siberica Film team.

2017,10,06*12:00*Irkutsk Planetarium
2017,10,07*15:00*Irkutsk Planetarium
2017,10,08*16:30*Irkutsk Planetarium
2017,10,09*15:00*Irkutsk Planetarium

Maxim Savchenko

Filmmaker, photographer, blogger, traveler, creator of the movement «Live on Lake Baikal», producer and director of the film about the Baikal-Alaska expedition.

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