Letter from Siberia

Documentary | France | Chris Marker | 1957 | 62 min | 12+

Opeing film

The first full length film of Chris Marker was made in 1957 during the trip to Siberia with Armand Gatti (one of the cult French directors of that time) and Sacha Vierny (a cameramen of films “Hiroshima mon amour”, “L'année dernière à Marienbad”. Combining fantasy animation and documentary pictures the director showed his impression on the rich variety of Siberia: a faraway land “between medieval times and the third millennium, between the Earth and Moon, between humiliation and happiness”. The viewer will see the mixture of impressions and facts: past and future, traditions and progress. The shots of Trans Siberian Railway, Irkutsk Hydropower Electric Plant are changed with depicted mammoths, puppet owls and reindeers. Chris Marker creates absolutely new genre of film – “documentary essay”, it is in the film “Letter from Siberia” that his characteristic style of a documentalist was formed: dialectics of words and pictures, and his “horizontal editing” where the picture refers not to the next or the previous one but to the text. Essay is freedom; it is elusive and inconsistent like a cat, a favorite animal of Marker. The director lived under the radar, he almost never gave interviews and let to take his photos – he considered that his films spoke for him and he usually sent the picture
of his cat Guillaume-en-Egypte to the journalists.

2017,10,05*18:30*Zvezdniy (Oscar Hall)
2017,10,05*18:30*Zvezdniy (Nika Hall)

Chris Marker

French documentary film director, photographer and writer, reformist of documentary films, creator of the genre of an essay-film. Throughout
his career the director was awarded prizes of Venice and Berlin Film Festivals, British Film Institute, Cezar Award, etc. His best known films are
“La jetée” (1962), “A Grin Without a Cat” (1977) and“Sans Soleil” (1983), “One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich”(1999) dedicated to Andrey Tarkovsky, a director.

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