FULLDOME FILMS | Poland | Adam Smoczynski | 2016 | 22 min. | 0+


Las is a poetic spectacle realized in the fulldome technology. The Film is made in the Studio Ruchome Obrazki (Moving Pictures) in original technique, developed by Adam Smoczynski and Alan Pyrczak. Cameras were mounted on special equipment: trolleys, rails and cranes installed in the heart of the forest. During almost two years hundreds of thousands of photographs showing trees at different times of the year, during the day and at night, in a stillness and torn by the wind were taken. The main goal of the project was to draw the draw the attention of the audience to the beauty of the forests, its function in human life and its importance for our planet’s ecology. The planet, which is our home.

Adam Smoczynski

Adam is a multimedia artist. His artistic activities comprise many types of art such as paintings, graphics, multimedia spatial forms, experimental photography and movies. In his works, he combines the experience gained with the active search for new formal solutions. From the beginning of his creative activity, he was interested in utility application of arts. .

Baikal international film festival archive
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