In search of cosmic life

FULLDOME FILMS | China | Patrick Lau | 2018 | 30 min. | 0+


In newly produced Sky Show In Search of Cosmic Life, audiences will appreciate the uniqueness of the Earth for life to flourish and will examine those celestial bodies which scientists have found liquid water or organic compounds. Liquid water is essential to life because it is the medium for most of the biochemical reactions, and the occurrence of organic compounds in space may be a hint that life could exist elsewhere than Earth. Audiences will also hear different views of scientists on whether extraterrestrial life could ever be found. Space missions such as Stardust, Kepler and OSIRIS-Rex will also be introduced. So what is your take on cosmic life? Yea or nay?

Patrick Lau

Patrick was born in Hong Kong in 1974. He works as an assistant curator in the Hong Kong Space Museum. Filmography: The Stories of Solar Eclipse (2015), Decoding Starlight (2016), In search of cosmic life (2018).

Baikal international film festival archive
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