Freedom under Load

Documentary | Slovakia | Pavol Barabas | 2016 | 61 min | 12+


With hundreds of kilos on their backs they are going through storms, blizzards and deep snow. Their craft is not just a profession, but also their way to tranquility. “Freedom under Load” introduces the oldest generation of porters in the High Tatra Mountains, who climb with supplies to the mountain huts every day. We discover why they have chosen this way of life and why they remain the last of the Mohicans on the European continent. We might find out something about the burden we carry ourselves.

Pavol Barabas

Pavol Barabáš  is the author of a large-scale of mountain-oriented and adventure films about peoples' survival in extreme conditions. His films present the manner in which man should treat the Earth. They emit love and respect for nature, enormous mental power and moral conscience. His films have been awarded with more than 300 national as well as international prizes.

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