Birds with large wings

FEATURE FILMS | India | Bijukumar Damodaran | 2015 | 113 min. | 12+


The film is a partly fictionalized presentation of the great tragedy that has actually occurred in Ksaragod District of Kerala in India, consequent on the aerial spraying of Endosulfan, a highly toxic pesticide on cashew plantations owned by the Kerala govt. The spraying affected the people as well as the environment continually for two and a half decades. The film depicts the aftereffects of the pesticide spraying through the eyes of a photographer.

Bijukumar Damodaran

Bijukumar Damodaran is an Indian filmmaker who has won India's top film award, The National Film Award, three times. His films were widely screened at many international films festivals like Cannes, Montreal, Shanghai, Cairo, Eurasia, New York, Telluride, Fajr (Tehran), Jeonju, Kazan etc. He won more than 20 International film awards from different film festivals across the world. He has also served as jury member for India's National Film Awards 2012, India's Oscar selection jury member 2015.

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