Atlantis of the Russian North

Documentary | Russia | Sofya Gorlenko | 2015 | 72 min | 12+


Territory of the Russian North still keeps samples of unique wooden architecture, rural ways of life, community, religious believes. It is one of the rare places where Russian people can find and understand their cultural roots and spiritual development. 
Today we are witnessing a turning point in the history of this region — the choice between being and oblivion. Abandoned villages and temples burn and disappear. But the shadow of the free folk culture gives rise to generations of immigrants from cities, enthusiasts, who are ready to revive life in spite of globalization and governmental politic of urbanization. 
The music of Marat Faizulin, Sergei Starostin, Tatiana Kalmikova, Boris Grebenschikov is used in the film. 
About 900 000 rubles were collected for filming on crowd finding platform More than 400 shareholders took part in fund raising campaign. The project was openly supported by Fedor Konyukhov (Russian adventurer, priest). 

Sofya Gorlenko

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