DOCUMENTARY AND POPULAR-SCIENCE | Italy | Emiliano Dante | 2017 | 66 min. | 12+


(A film diary shot between August 2016 and the same month one year later, covering the year of the earthquakes in the Central Apennines, the mountains in Central Italy. An intimate and ironical journey, lyrical and geometric, in which the story of life in a seismic area becomes the instrument for reflecting on the very meaning of documentary filmmaking. Apennine ends Emiliano Dante's triology of the post-earthquake, after Into The Blue (2009) and Habitat- personal notes (2014).

Emiliano Dante

(L’Aquila, Italy, 1974) debuted as a director in 2003 with a series of shorts about living, The Home Sequence Series. His work reflects a concept of radical authorship, personally making all the artistic components (screenplay, editing, music, cinematography and,
when called for, animation). He is also a photographer, essayist and narrator.

Baikal international film festival archive
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