24 snow

Documentary | Russia | Mikhail Barynin | 2014 | 90 min | 16+


The unbearable climate of the Arctic part of Yakutia. Permafrost. For the greater part of the year the temperature keeps below zero and the ground is always cold.In winter, the temperature drops to minus 65 degreesCelsius. There is no telecommunication and electricity here, and lack of roads makes it hard to travel from one point to another. Life in such conditions means a daily battle with forces of nature and with yourself. Hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest settlement, a person can rely only on himself. This severe land attracts people who are looking for freedom and independence. This film is about a horse-breeder who spends most part of the year in tundra, looking after the herd. Feeling a stranger in his own house, Sergey is losing the connection with his family and missing the chance to see how his children are growing up. With each year, Sergey spends more and more time away from the village, meeting his family just a few times a year as he comes for the horse-breeders’ feast and brings homemeat. Exhausting life in the North makes a man face one of the hardest questions: who he really is.

According to Russian portal “The greenhouse of social technologies” this project is in the top ten best social campaigns of 2014. 

  • Grand prix

  • Youth jury award of 15th baikal international festival of documentary and popular-science films “people and environment” n.a. v. Rasputin in 2016

  • Special award of Limnological Institute of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of science.

Mikhail Barynin

Mikhail Barynin graduated from the Moscow International Film School and the directing faculty of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (class of S. Miroshnichenko). Director of such documentaries as “The other land” (2009), “Maiman race” (2012) and “Tuva. Independent people” (2013).

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