17-27 September
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Out of more than 180 applications of the 23d Baikal International Film Festival named after V. Rasputin competition program 24 movies have been selected: 8 documentaries, 5 popular science, 3 feature and 8 animation films. The majority of them come from Russia. There are also works from Iran, Germany, Romania, South Korea, UK, Portugal and Canada. The list of participants of the non-competition program and the full-dome cinema section will be announced later.

The selection board:

Film director, member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers Maria Kelchevskaya;

Head of the Film Production Development Department of the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund, member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Polina Stepanova;

Journalist, lecturer in Journalism and Advertising at Irkutsk National Research Technical University Nadezhda Zaitseva;

Ph.D. of Culturology, philologist, associate professor of film, television and multimedia directing at Irkutsk branch of Russian State University of Cinematography Tatiana Shemetova;

Film director Maria Aristova;

Film director, producer Oksana Tsepilova;

Film Director Maria Filitscheva;

Program director Elena Utrobina;



THE LAST TRANSHUMANCE, Romania, 2023, directed y Dragos Lumpan, 90 min.

FIERY FOX, Russia, 2022, directed by Dmitry Shpilenok, 90 min.

HOLIDAYS IN LOPSHENG, Russia, 2024, directed by Natalya Savras, 44 min.

ONLY SARLYKES WILL ALIVE, Russia, 2024, directed by Svetlana Stasenko, 67 min.

AGAINST THE WIND, Russia, 2024, directed by Tatyana Soboleva, 80 min.

WHEN THE FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL, UK, 2024, directed by Morag McKinnon, Jim Sutherland, 64 min.

EVGENIY ANYAMOV PASS, Russia, 2023, directed by Ekaterina Toldonova, 40 min.

STANDING WITH THE WOLF, Iran, 2023, directed by: Saeed Nabib, Mariam Khadivi, 30 min.


Popular Science films

WILDING, Portugal, 2024, directed by Miguel Cortes Costa, Carolina Castro Almeida, 55 min.

MASTER OF THE ALTAI MOUNTAINS, Russia, 2023, directed by Vadim Vitovtsev, Ilya Tsyganov, 52 min.

NEW MELTING WORLD, Russia, 2023, directed by Yana Rubanovskaya, 73 min.

BEARS IN THE BACKYARD OF TRANSYLVANIA, Germany, 2023, directed by Boas Schwartz, 50 min.

IVAN PIGAREV AND THE STUDY OF SLEEP, Russia, 2024, directed by Yulia Kiseleva, 73 min.


Feature films

WHERE THE SIBERIAN CRANES DANCE, Russia, 2024, director Mikhail Luachevsky, 95 min.

ALIEN, Russia, 2024, director Ivan Sosnin, 78 min.

LIFE AND LIFE, Iran, Directed by Ali Gavityan, 60 min.



DANCE OF LIFE, Russia, 2023, directed by Anastasia Sokolova, 6 min.

FEELING THE APOCALYPSE, Canada, 2024, directed by Chen Xing Yap, 7 min.

FOR YOU, UK, 2023, directed by Luca Paulli, 4 min.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Uruguay, 2023, directed by Juan Cristiani, 2 min.

ANA MORPHOSE, Portugal, 2023, directed by Joao Rodrigues, 10 min.

GREEN, Russia, 2023, directed by Ekaterina Miloslavskaya, 7 min.

LEAK, Belgium, 2023, directed by Paola Cubillos, 8 min.

A LONG ALONE, South Korea, 2023, directed by Yoon-ah Yeo, 8 min.


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