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The shortlist of the People and Environment Film Festival has been announced

Out of 123 applications of the 21st Baikal International Film Festival named after V. Rasputin competition program 25 works have been selected: 15 documentaries, 7 popular science and 3 feature films. The majority of them come from Russia. They are 18 works, including those created by Irkutsk filmmakers Anastasia Zverkova, Yulia Byvsheva and Pavel Skorobogatov. Also, there are works from Iran, Slovakia, Argentina, the UK and the USA. The list of participants of the non-competition program and the full-dome cinema section will be announced later.

The selection committee:

1) Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor of the Department of Journlism and Media Economics of the Baikal State University of Economics and Law, member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Olga Krasnoyarova;

2) Film director, member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers Maria Kelchevskaya;

3) Program director Elena Utrobina;

4) Head of the Film Production Development Department of the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund, member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Polina Stepanova;

5) Film director of the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund, member of the Union of Cinematographers, Andrey Yudin;

6) Journalist, lecturer in Journalism and Advertising at Irkutsk National Research Technical University Nadezhda Zaitseva;

7) Ph.D. of Culturology, philologist, associate professor of film, television and multimedia directing at Irkutsk branch of Russian State University of Cinematography Tatiana Shemetova;

8) Film director Maria Aristova;


Nadezhda Zaitseva comments on documentaries and popular science films

This year non-fiction section includes impressive works. The selection committee unanimously agreed on selecting Iranian documentary The Price of Seeing the Show where the question of violent treatment of dolphins is raised. Popular Scientific category is presented by the film The Master of the Mountain about biologists who have found a way to reduce the decomposition of plastic from a hundred years to a few weeks. In addition, the list of participants includes The Chip Inside Me, a new study by director Yulia Kiseleva, which is a sequel to Robot, Do I Love You?


  • Dhaulagiri is my Everest (Slovakia, 2021, by Pavol Barabas);
  • Birder (Russia, 2021, by Dmitry Zavilgelsky);
  • Past Tense Doesn't Exist (Russia, 2021, by Julia Byvsheva);
  • Agafya (Russia, 2021, by Pavel Selin);
  • Chechnya and Peace (Russia, 2022, by Dmitry Semibratov);
  • Where Our Home is (Russia, 2022, Vladimir Tarasov, Vasily Buylov, Dmitry Kvashnin);
  • Life Goes On (Russia, 2022, Pavel Skorobogatov);
  • Haulout (Russia, Great Britain, 2022, Maxim Arbugaev, Evgenia Arbugaeva);
  • King of the Hill (Russia, 2022, Daria Khrenova, Maria Lind);
  • The Price of Seeing a Show (Iran, 2021, Mehdi Ghazanfari);
  • Detached (Russia, 2022, by Vladimir Krivov);
  • Doggy Love (Iran, 2021, Mahmoud Ghaffari);
  • The Road of Martin Negri (Argentina, 2020, by Leandro Aparicio);
  • Signs of Life (Russia, 2021, by Galina Leontieva)
  • Robber Monastery (Russia, 2021, dir. Svetlana Stasenko)


Popular Science films

  • The Quest for Silence (France, 2022, by Julien Hero);
  • Freedom Squared (Russia, 2022, by Anastasia Zverkova);
  • Chip Inside Me (Russia, 2021, by Yulia Kiseleva);
  • Ark (Russia, 2022, by Stanislav Stavinov);
  • 12th hour (USA, 2021, by Bruno Chatlin);
  • The Carnival of Beaks (Russia, Kenya, 2021, by Mikhail Rodionov, Nadezhda Dorofeeva);
  • Life with the Invisible (Russia, 2022, by Boris Karadzhev, Anastasia Kuzyakova);


Elena Utrobina, member of the selection committee

The feature film program is small this year, but it consists of three excellent short films, on the one hand, completely different, on the other hand, united by the theme of our festival and the skill of performance. Interestingly, all the films are not from Moscow, and two of them are direct representatives of regional cinema, which is very joyful and significant for us.

Feature films

  • Coo Coo (Russia, 2021, Svetlana Belorusova);
  • Off the Air (Russia, 2021, by Anastasia Zverkova);
  • Descending into Heaven (Russia, 2022, by Denis Kazantsev).


The non-competition program of the 21st Baikal International Film Festival includes 12 non-fiction films.

«The films of the non-competition program have always been equal in their quality to the participants of the competition program, and sometimes even surpassed them. These films are always interesting, the audience loves them» says Nadezhda Zaitseva, member of the selection committee, journalist, member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers.

The film about the most pressing environmental issues will receive the Baikal Prize for the acuteness of the problem. In addition, there are special Youth Jury and Media Awards. The Grand Prix of the festival will be 300 thousand rubles.

2022 non-competition program participants list:

1) Ice. Planet’s Memory (Russia, 2021, director Natalia Kuznetsova);

2) The Future Is Ours? (Russia, 2022, director Julia Byba);

3) Antarctica. Vostok Station: anticipating the future (Russia, 2022, director Alexander Melnik);

4) Incipience (Russia, 2021, director Yaroslav Bulavin);

5) Depth Hunters (Russia, 2021, director Vasilisa Yurenkova);

6) Crafted (Russia, 2022, director Evgeny Grigoriev);

7) The Time Lord (Russia, 2022, director Evgeny Bezborodov);

8) Women and Roads. The Way to Yourself. Baikal (Russia, 2021, director Christina Kretova);

9) Elbrus Waiting for You (Russia, 2021, director Vyacheslav Ross);

10) Lakes of Russia (Russia, 2021, director Andrey Titov);

11) From Trash to Treasure (USA|Lesotho, 2020, director Iara Lee);

12) Tonya. In Search of the Legend (Russia, 2020, director Olga Kornienko).

People and Environment Baikal International Film Festival named after Valentin Rasputin is the festival of «pure cinema» on the shore of the cleanest lake on the planet. It is designed as a platform that encourages to reflect on the complex relationship between people and nature in order to shape ecological consciousness. It has been held since 1999. Since 2015, the festival has been named after the writer Valentin Rasputin. The President of the Festival is a documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, producer, teacher, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Miroshnichenko. Festival organizers: Irkutsk Regional Film Fund (Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution) and OOO Irkutskkino.

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