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Russian-german picture won Grand prix of anniversary film festival People and Environment

«We were shown really strong films. And it was not easy for us to rate them,» said Sergey Debizhev, chairperson of the festival jury, film director, artist, screenwriter, public figure, member of the Cinematography Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The jury awarded Mikhail Romm Best Documentary to Buromsky Island (2020, Russia, directed by Olga Stefanova). This film also received a special prize from the Media Jury.

Nikolai Chersky Best Popular-Science Film went to The Land of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper (2020, Russia, directed by Yulia Darkova).

Walnut (2020, Iran, directed by Mohammad Hossein Makhdavian) received Leonid Gaidai Best Feature Award.

The Best Animated Film was given to The Words on the Hillside (2020, Russia, directed by Valentin Telegin).

Discovering the Invisible Universe (2021, Greece, directed by Theophanis Matsopoulos) won the Best Full-Dome Film. 

«What they did is really of the highest complexity level,» said Sergey Debizhev about the creators of On Thin Ice. It is the film that won the Grand Prix of the 20th Baikal International Film Festival People and Environment named after V. Rasputin and received 300 000 rubles prize.

Several pictures by Irkutsk directors reached the winners list of the Baikal International Film Festival. The documentary Ground Zero (2020, Russia, directed by Yulia Byvsheva) took home the jury diploma for «covering the tragic events in the Irkutsk Region related to the flood in 2019», as well as the prize of the Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local History for «serving the ideals of faith, conscience and beauty .

The prize from Russian Railways and the special prize of the Full-Dome Cinema Jury were presented to Virtual Journey to Baikal Nerpa (2020, Russia, directed by Kirill Kozakov).

In addition to the main categories, several special prizes were awarded by the jury, as well as from the festival partners. The Baikal Award and the Audience Award went to the film A Short Tutorial on Raising Seals (Russia, directed by Vladimir Marin). The jury diploma «for penetrating the mystery of the language of intelligent marine animals» was awarded to the film Whale Talk (2021, Germany, directed by Volker Barth). This is not a Burial, it's a Resurrection won the special jury prize «for vivid visual solution» (Lesotho, South Africa, Italy, directed by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese).

Benedikt Dybovsky. The Secret of the Sacred Sea (2019, Belarus, directed by Taras Vashchenko) recevied the prize of the Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society. The prize of the Leonid Gaidai Center for the Development of Cinematography was awarded to the film Robot, do I Love you? (2021, Russia, directed by Yulia Kiseleva).

The competition program this year is particularly high-quality and rich. In 5 days, 140 festival events were held on offline platforms alone: film screenings, presentations, master classes, sessions, trainings, etc. About five thousand people visited the film screenings in the Angara Region. This is not only about Irkutsk, but also Sayansk, Kachug and Oyok.

«A special hybrid format has become very useful for the festival films: a huge number of viewers far beyond the borders of our region gained the opportunity to get acquainted with the program due to the online cinema of the Documentary Film Center,» said Andrey Salnikov, general director of the Baikal International Film Festival, director of the Irkutsk Regional Film Fund.

The chairperson of the jury Sergey Debizhev thanked the organizers and the president of the film festival Sergey Miroshnichenko. He pointed out that People and Environment is one of the few festivals providing insight into what is really happening in the world.

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