History of the festival

History of the festival

The Baikal International Festival of Popular Science and Documentary Films “People and Environment” named after Valentine Rasputin. The Festival was spent since 1999 (annually since 2007).

The Festival was established by Russian Filmmakers Union (RFU), Irkutsk regional department of RFU and now it’s spending with the assistance of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Irkutsk Region Government.

The Festival is dated for celebrating The Day of Baikal. This holiday was established with the initiative of social ecological organizations of the Irkutsk region, Chita region and Byriat Republic.

Documental and popular science movies are taking part in The Festival.

Judges of The Festival will rate films according to following nominations

§ Grand Prix (money prize 100 000 ₱)

§ The best Documentation

§ The best Popular Science Movie

§ The best Fulldome Movie

§ Baikal Prize (for the most actual ecological problem covered by the film)

Also there are Special prizes

§ Young judge’s Prize

§ Media Community Prize

§ The People’s Choice Prize

There will be present lots of prizes of state, social, educational and other organizations also as unique autographed prizes.

Apart from competitive program there will be other shows such as Inauguration Film and Special Show. Within the limits of The Festival there will be discussions between audience and authors about films, meetings with producers, master classes, round-table discussions and different social actions.

The Festival of “pure movies” is conducted on the shore of the purest lake in the Earth and it issues the challenge to attract people’s attention to problems of human and environment relations.

Over 500 movies from 40 countries were participated in The Festival competition program since it was started.

At various times presidents of the jury were:

§ George Negashiev – famous documentalist from Ekaterinburg, the President of the Festival “Open Russia”;

§ Lev Nikolaev – twice laureate of the State Prize of The Russian Federation, the member of the Russian TV Academy, the president of the TV company “Civilization”;

§ Victor Kosakovski – documentalist from Saint-Petersburg, laureate of the State Prize of The Russian Federation, the member of the European film Academy, laureate of the “Triumph” and “Nika” prizes and other international prize’s holder .

The first president and “father” of The Festival is Vladimir Samoilichenko (today he is the President emeritus of The Festival). Since 2011 the working president is Sergey Miroshnichenko. He is the famous Russian documentalist, Honoured Art Worker, the member of Russian TV Academy, laureate of the State Prize of The Russian Federation, the secretary of RFU, professor of Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov and “The Island” TV-studio’s leader. Sergey Miroshnichenko is the author of 18 movies, holder of the “Nika” and “TAFFY” prizes and not long ago he got the Grand Prix of “Emmy” prize.

The most popular modern classic’s films are “George Zhzhenov. Russian Cross”, “Solzhenitsyn. Live beyond the lie”, “Indeterminate Putin. Peace and War”, “Emperor’s murder. Versions”, “Borne in USSR”, “Valery Gergiev. God’s twilight”. One of the last Sergey’s Miroshnichenko films is documental movie called “Living River”. Famous writer Valentine Rasputin was taking part in this movie, also this film got the “TAFFY” prize.

There was released a new Sergey’s Miroshnichenko documentation in February 2014. This film’s called “The Philosophy of the Soft Way”. This movie tell the tale of few days in a people’s life, thanks to whom our dream about the Russian Olympic Games came true.



Pribaikalye’s image presented as “ancient Asia’s crown” with pure Baikal water and powerful Siberian Rivers. Baikal seal in this film is the transforming image which represents very old isolate and concerns tertiary fauna’s relics. There is a very interesting and unsolved natural phenomenon called highly productive “Mellosing years”. Once in a few years spring kelp’s reproduction may be more than normal several times. You can scoop up a little water from the Baikal ice-hole and see a brown suspension in your dip-bucket therefore Baikal water can change it’s color. This phenomenon promotes developing all living creatures in Baikal and Baikal’s biomass. This recurrent effect keeps up and protects Baikal’s ecosystem. Kelps which give such interest increasing descend from Mellosing type. Mellosing means “a strand of beads” in Greek. 

“Mellosira” sculptural composition symbolizes this “Mellosing years” as maximum Baikal’s fertility. Seal is the symbol of Baikal and lake’s endemic, it’s population is about 80 thousand of individuals. Maximum female’s age is 56 years old and male’s is 52. The base of seal’s nutrition is golomyanka-bullhead complex.

Every prize contains the precious stone, pedestals consist of redwood.


Grand Prix
The best Documentation 
The best Popular Science Movie 
The best Fulldome Movie
Baikal Prize
Rock Crystal